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[Twenty-Seven] Action – Closed

The blood mixed with perspiration was hot and sticky as it slipped down her arms over her wrists. For over a day (but what felt like much longer) Alexis had been trying to get the metal cuffs off of her wrists. Even though it didn't serve any purpose but to allow the metal to tear into her skin at her wrists, it never occurred to her that her attempts were doing more harm than good. As long as she kept trying it felt like she was doing something.

Whatever had been crawling on her had disappeared. She still continued to hear things in the dark, a movement here and a wicked chuckle there. Each time that she called out, there was never an answer. In a very sixteen-year-old fashion she had cried several times, so much so that she was pretty sure that she didn't have anymore tears to cry. Her overactive imagination had gone into overdrive several times so that she freaked herself out just by imagining what might be in the dark with her.

At this point her mind was clear, every sense heightened and aware. She didn't need the drugs anymore because her imagination had taken over whatever the drugs had been doing to her. And of course only now did she realize that she had been under the influence of something when she had first woken up a day ago, or was it two days? A week? She couldn't tell anymore.

When she felt a presence near her again, she tried to decipher whether it was her imagination playing tricks on her again or whether it was real. She didn't want to feel crazy by speaking into the dark with no response again. So she stopped breathing, she stopped messing with the slick, blood-coated cuffs, she didn't move at all. Alexis just listened.

And listened.

...and listened.

There was something. And yet at the same time there was nothing. But she suddenly felt very hot, so hot that she shifted uncomfortably, tugging at her t-shirt she wore. Stifling heat radiated against her skin, so hot that she couldn't easily breathe. And that was when something touched her forearm. Something hot. Something burning hot. Burning to the point that her skin clearly burned. Alexis swiped at what ever it was and caught nothing.

“Oh god, who's there?”

Again, the 'something' touched the side of her neck. But when she reached up there was nothing there. She cursed the fact that she was wearing shorts when the burning landed on her legs. And each time it touched her it left behind burned, reddened skin. Again and again until Alexis was curled in on herself, hugging her knees to her chest in an attempt to get it to stop. Yeah, she had more tears to cry.

Moments later the heat was gone. In fact, she felt cool as if an A/C were blowing directly on her. At this point she knew that someone was in the room with her... or something. Uncurling herself she tugged at the chains and stood up, lashing out into the darkness. In fact, she was channeling Kate. Beckett wouldn't sit there and take it. She was strong. So yeah, Alexis channeled Kate and fought as far as the chains linked from the wall to her wrists would allow.

It was freezing now, like out in the cold during a winter snow storm kind of freezing. But Alexis's exertions and her own adrenaline kept her warm enough. She felt like she was fighting the nothingness in the air. And maybe that was because she was. But in the darkness and chained up, what else could she do?

“Let me see you!” She screamed. “Whoever's there, show your face! My dad works with the police and my... my Kate does to. They're gonna-”

That's when she finally hit something solid. Apparently whoever or whatever it was didn't like her fighting back. And she'd been fighting nothing for so long that the something solid shocked her long enough for whoever it was to grab her arm. She felt the prick of something in her arm and jerked her arm away from whatever it was in the darkness.

“Was that a shot? What was that? What did you do?”

But moments later she felt her legs buckle beneath her. She fell back to the concrete and as the pitch-black room turned to more darkness and her mind numbed out, she knew exactly what had happened. She wasn't getting out of here anytime soon.

ooc: Yeah, she's still in Laszlo's lab as an experiment.
Tags: [comm] polychromatic, entry - action, entry - closed, what - a castleless castle, what - emotional alexis is emotional, what - scared alexis is scared, what - scaring her dad is a fun pasttime, what - worried alexis is worried, who - lazslo
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